Steps to Selling

Once you have decided to sell, here are the basic steps to follow at a high level:

  • Select a licensed Real Estate professional - ensure they are knowledgeable and you are comfortable with them

  • Prepare your property - ensure it is clean, not cluttered, has good curb appeal and depersonalized so a new owner could visualize their family in it

  • Complete all necessary paperwork and set your price

  • List the property

  • Host showings / open houses - let your real estate professional handle this

  • Receive / negotiate offer(s) - let your real estate professional provide guidance so you can make an educated decision

  • Closing process - there are a lot of things that happen during this step:

    • Inspection​

    • Appraisal

    • Buyer has to obtain financing unless paying cash

    • Moving out 

    • Final walk-thru

    • Closing day!