Steps to Buying a Home
  1. Select a licensed Real Estate Agent to partner with – make sure it’s someone you click with as you will be spending a lot of time to together

  2. Get pre-approved – if you’re not familiar with this process let your agent help guide you

  3. Start touring properties – now that you know your budget, let your agent help find properties in areas that are of interest to you

  4. Make an offer – once you find what you are looking for it’s time to submit an offer. Make sure your agent runs a competitive analysis of other homes around the area so you can submit an educated offer

  5. The road to closing – there are a lot of steps in this part of the process so make sure your agent is well versed to help guide you through it

    1. Escrow – think of this as a good faith deposit

    2. Inspection – you will typically have 7 – 15 days to complete this. Make sure you hire a licensed inspector to complete a thorough analysis

    3. Financing – contact your lender immediately after you have an executed contract to get this process started. Your lender will need a lot of information from you, be sure to get it to him or her as quickly as possible

    4. Appraisal – your lender will assist in ordering this once the property has successfully passed the inspection

    5. Survey – the Title Company will order this on your behalf

    6. Closing statement – your lender will have you sign this at least 3 days prior to closing

    7. CLOSING DAY!!! Be sure to give yourself a few hours as it can take a while for the funding to go through and all documents signed


The above describes the overall process at a high level but please note, there are a lot of moving parts that must be coordinated. The best advise that we could give anyone is to work with an experienced agent that you are comfortable with so you can rely on their expertise and guidance.

Please note, things are very different on the commercial side, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.